This non-profit organization called San Antonio’s Founding Heritage was organized for the sole purpose of educating while entertaining the public. There are still little-known facts pertaining to the settlement and growth of the Villa de San Fernando, which later became the beautiful city of San Antonio, which grew into a metropolis of millions. 

In addition, the purpose of this organization is to encourage and promote all educational and historical studies that enhance the historical, cultural and civic significance of the accomplishments of the early settlers of San Antonio.

It is our wish to promote programs, lectures, and civic events which are intended for the general public, and those which are conducted to memorialize historical sites and buildings associated with the history of San Antonio, such as San Fernando Cathedral




San Antonio’s Founding Heritage

Honors our Founders

San Antonio’s Founding Heritage is proud and honored to carry on the tradition of Founders Day! This annual event celebrates our city’s beginnings.  It was originally the idea of Frank Jennings, who was a writer, editor, historian, and author.  Frank Jennings started Founders Day in 2004 to celebrate the many cultural groups who shaped its history and unique character. Founders Day celebrates our city’s growth and development as a community from the 1700’s until the present.  We will pay tribute to the more than 20 cultural groups and memorable individuals who have made ours the most Texan of Texas cities! We are a city of conviviality, communal harmony, of convivencia.

Founders Day will be a continuing information and awareness effort to broaden our community’s knowledge and appreciation of our history and heritage through the dynamic use of the arts resources of our people. With the cooperation of artists and artistic and cultural organizations of all kinds, as well as educators, historians, librarians and others, the effort will help inspire, inform and educate our community- especially our youth-about our heritage and character.