Anthony Delgado

Anthony Delgado serves as an officer of the Canary Islands Descendants Association of San Antonio.  He is passionate about his heritage, and has done extensive research regarding  those important figures of San Antonio’s history that have been often forgotten.

San Antonio Founders Day is excited to have Anthony Delgado as a guest Speaker!  Support  Los Alcaldes de Bexar, a local non-profit dedicated to researching, promoting and publishing the histories of the early Spanish colonial government officials that served Bexar for more than 100 years.

Brandon Seale

Brandon Seale is President of Howard Energy Mexico.  Read his full bio on his web site  Brandon gives us 22 Episodes of sweet San Antonio history for our listening pleasure, plus much more! You will really enjoy this!  Brandon also writes and records stories about the residents of the borderland and about the comic and occasionally tragic intersection of Texas and Mexican cultures, which are – despite their mutual and vocal protests to the contrary – far more alike than they are different.

San Antonio Founders Day is excited to have Brandon Seale as a Guest Speaker! Learn about much of San Antonio’s intriguing history on his podcast  A New History of Old San Antonio!