The History Trail

Sponsored by the Professional Tour Guide Association of San Antonio.

Historic & Memorable Events
San Antonio has a rich and unique history. Hear some of the amazing stories and events that have happened over the last three centuries. Here you can learn about the first San Antonio fire station in Alamo Plaza, the first demonstration of barbed wire, the mesquite pavers, and the Menger Hotel.
The Waters
The San Antonio River begins at a group of springs on the campus of Incarnate Word University. The largest of these springs is called the Blue Hole. Visitors in the 1800s describe the spring gushing many feet in the air from the earth. When the Spanish missionaries arrived in 1718 they and the Indian converts began building a system of irrigation ditches, called “acequias” throughout the area. This system brought water from the San Antonio River to the missions.
The Architecture
When you stand in the middle of the Alamo grounds, you can see buildings from the 1700s, the 1800s, the 1900s, and the current century. Many of our older buildings began with one purpose, and are now used for something completely different. You can learn how our city has changed over the years.
The Gardens
The native people were hunter-gatherer Indian tribes. They collected native plants and hunted wild animals for their food. When the missionaries arrived, they brought new foods and taught the Indians to become farmers and ranchers. As colonists from different cultures arrived, their influence was added to the mix. The food we enjoy today is a result of many influences joining together.

Visitors to the History Trail are encouraged to enjoy at their own pace and take as long as they need or as little time as they wish. Interested folks may complete the entire trail or visit just one or two stations. The PTGASA is there to share their knowledge of history and folklore and hope to enhance your Founders Day experience.

Kids – Pick up your Pasaporte for use on the History Trail as you enter our event at the welcome booth located under the big oak tree to the left of the Alamo Shrine. After you have visited the History Trail sites and filled in your Pasaporte return to the entrance to receive a replica of the old Spanish Real (silver-like dollar). That is your very special gift and memento of San Antonio Founders Day!

The Founders Day Pasaporte was designed several years ago by Thelma Ortiz Muraida.

Fun Facts