Frank W. Jennings, the Founder of Founders Day.

June 17, 1917 – August 16, 2009.

During the Summer of 2004, Frank W. Jennings began to assemble a group of people to help bring his dream of a special day to celebrate the origins of San Antonio to reality.
Frank was a long time professional writer and historian. He became interested in researching the past of his adopted city, San Antonio, shortly after his arrival.  That interest resulted in his 2001 book, “San Antonio: The Story of an Enchanted City.”
He completed a long writing and policy making career that began in World War II, when he was an Army Information Officer. Frank became a Federal civilian Public Affairs Officer, and worked for years at the Pentagon for many Secretaries of the Air Force. During that time he wrote many policy documents and invented the term “Aerospace.”
His position was moved to Kelly AFB, in the
1980s as part of the Air Force News Service.  He retired there as a GM-15 in 1985.  He had earlier retired from the USAF National Guard as a Lieutenant Colonel.
In his pursuit of local history Frank was an active member of many local Historical and Cultural organizations before and after his retirement.  It was his friendships and associations with people in those organizations that led to his idea of forming San Antonio Founders Day.
Since there was not a specific date for the founding of San Antonio, Frank’s dream of having a special day to celebrate the origins of the city began to take shape.
He realized and emphasized that it really was a combination of more than 20 ethnic groups who all arrived at different times, but each has added significantly to the growth and culture of what is now the City of San Antonio.